The Next Step in Delivery

For Medical & Dental Products

The EZ Dose delivery device takes the guesswork out of delivery. It is universal, easy-to-use, and can deliver a broad spectrum of viscosities in doses as small as a couple drops up to 5ml.  All you have to do is twist, turn, and click, and the
EZ Dose does the rest.


Disclaimer: EZDose is a private label manufacturer that is exclusively distributed by IPB Inc. No products will be sold labeled as EZDose.


This is the mechanical device that is manually operated by the press of a figure with replaceable cartridges. The device can be offered in various colors and finishes, including decorations on the device personalizing it for the customers needs.

The cartridges can be decorated and customized for the required marketing needs.

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The e.Dose is EZ Dose's option for an electronic powered device that is operated and programmable to give the exact dosage required. The same cartridges that mate to the mechanical unit are  used with the e.Dose device.  This device is water resistant and has tremendous torque to push extremely dense materials.  e.Dose is currently offered in model and we will be developing new smaller models that will be similar in size to the mechanical device for more viscous products.

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EZdose Cartridges are offered in various sizes, plastics, and colors to accommodate an industries needs.  The cartridges have tip options included. We have developed a patented recycled cartridge that involves a second shot over the plastic compatible cartridge. The other cartridges are single use 100% sealed preventing weight loss or contamination. EZdose will also develop any customized cartridges that will be required.


EZ Dose has authorized IPB Inc to
be the distributor and manufacturer of
the product line.

Please refer all inquiries to IPB Inc.

Address: 7045 Palm Ave. 
Highland, CA, 92346

Phone: +1-909-864-7477                                          
Fax:     +1-909-864-7232

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